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People buy from people. We want to live in a world where people can do that at scale.

We turn your personality into your competitive business advantage.

We turn leaders, entrepreneurs and founders into thought leaders. We use our clients' personalities, opinions and experience to drive inbound leads, position themselves as an employer of choice and build brand awareness for both themselves and their businesses.

Personal branding isn't an ego-driven activity. It's a strategic marketing imperative. It's about building something that attracts wonderful employees, wins incredible clients and accelerates your business's growth.

It feels great to be recognised as the authority in your space. Or the employer of choice. The company that all the other companies want to be. That's how 'branding' should be. But somewhere along the way, you lost control, corporate jargon took over, and everything got vanilla. And marketing 'gurus', consultants and suppliers just let it happen. They commoditised the process.

That’s where

come's in.

We’re the world’s leading Personal Branding Agency.

We build entirely authentic personal brands that drive real results. It’s a simplified, potent reintroduction of human-centred marketing that delivers the outcomes you need to grow your business.

The team

Amelia Sordell


Megan-Eve Hollins

Personal Brand Manager

Kirsty McMachan

Personal Brand Executive

Sam Spencer

Video Editor

Danielle Mimoni

Social Media Manager

Sarah Phillips

Head of Agency Operations

Tamsin Sacks

Community Growth Executive

Tarek Ahmed

Marketing Executive

Jane Mwaura

Personal Brand Executive


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We are KLOWT. And we are here to unleash the potential in your brand. Are you ready?