The truth is, batch creating content for your personal brand can be an absolute headache when you’re first starting out. You can be sitting for hours on end trying to come up with ideas, constantly questioning yourself and your audience – we’ve been there. 

If you find yourself discouraged by how long it takes you to create content, don’t give up. There are so many tactics that will speed up the whole process and make it 10 x easier for you. Here are four ways to make sure your content creation process is seamless, stress free and most importantly, quick. 

Have A Detailed Strategy 

If you don’t have a detailed strategy and a clear idea on who your target audience are, then how can you expect to build a loyal following? Sure, you might get a few viral posts but when it comes to your community, you’re probably going to struggle to find them if you haven’t given much thought to who you want your content to reach and resonate with. 

Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself when building your strategy 👇

  1. What do I want to be known for? 
  2. Who am I trying to attract? 
  3. What is my ultimate goal? 
  4. How do I like to communicate? 
  5. What is my why? 

Write Down All Your Ideas 

We’ve all had those moments at 2am when we’re lying in bed and suddenly the best idea pops into your head and then you go back to sleep and have no idea what that idea was. Or when you’re in the shower singing along to your favourite musical and suddenly, you’ve come up with a genius idea but by the time you plan on turning it into a post, you’ve forgotten the entire point. 

Well the easiest way to avoid that is by just writing those thoughts down.  Because the truth is that some of the greatest ideas don’t come from sitting at your desk or brainstorming with your team. They’ll come when your subconscious is ready for you to really hear them. 

Remember to keep a notepad or your phone at hand wherever you go, some of those ideas could be the ingredients to your next viral post. What’s better is they’re authentic and born from initial sparks, helping you to project your personal brand to your audience even more. 

Repurpose Your Content

Not only are you saving a lot of time but repurposing your existing content and distributing it to other platforms means you’re reaching a much wider audience. However, not everything needs repurposing. Analyse your most popular content and your evergreen content and figure out exactly what your audience may find useful. 

There are countless ways you can repurpose your content. You can turn a single LinkedIn post into a video of you talking on TikTok. Turn that video into a blog post. Turn that into multiple graphics. The list is endless.

It’s important to remember that repurposing your content isn’t about being lazy or not wanting to come up with new ideas. It’s about helping your audience and giving new perspectives on something. It also keeps your personal brand consistent across platforms, so it’s a win win. 

Write First, Edit Later

When you just write whatever comes to your mind you’ll likely be far more creative and uncensored – which is what you want. Sometimes some of your best ideas will come from being on a roll. It’s important not to doubt what you’re creating, see where you get to, then go back and see if it’s right or if any loose ends need tying up. 

When you’re writing what’s on your mind, you’re being authentic and relatable to your audience and giving them something fresh to see on their feeds between all the boring, corporate posts. 

If your goal is to build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn then consistency is key and the easiest way to be consistent is to be prepared. Always have a backlog of content waiting for you in your notes app and set aside a few hours a month or week to batch create content. Remember that literally everything can be content – a shower thought you had, a conversation with a friend or something that happened on your way to work.