A bit about Klowt

We’re a personal branding agency. What does that mean? Well, we basically brand people, not businesses (although they get branded and communities built as a result of the work we do!). 

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, founders and leaders turn their personalities into their competitive business advantage. Advertise their businesses by being themselves online. 

We’re social media channel-agnostic – we have clients on LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. We create personal branding websites, run PR campaigns and ghostwrite long-form content on behalf of some pretty bloody cool people. 

We’re small but mighty. 

The business was started in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 and since then we’ve grown to a team of 9 and 18 monthly clients (our first client just tipped £400k of inbound revenue directly from work we’ve done for them on LinkedIn!). 

We’re in full startup mode, so it’s scrappy, it’s high-energy but it’s good fun 👀✌️.

So what about the role?

If you can do this stuff, then we want to hear from you: 

  • Are a kick-ass copywriter and content creator. AKA you love telling people’s or your own stories online. 
  • You can relate and communicate with a diverse group of people and manage their expectations effectively. 
  • Build unbreakable bonds with your clients and colleagues.
  • Are mega organised and can manage internal and external projects and deadlines.
  • Great at extracting interesting stories and information from sometimes reluctant people. 
  • Be confident and willing to push back on clients when they get it wrong – which, trust us they do. 
  • Are obsessed with social media and understand how each platform works and what works on each platform. 
  • Wants to or are already building your personal brand. 

Skills-wise, you’re going to need the below to smash this role: 

  • A great storyteller. 
  • Decisive.
  • Can act with pace. 
  • Isn’t afraid to stand their ground and push back.
  • Loves giving and receiving feedback. 
  • An awesome communicator who loves building relationships. 
  • Is organised to within an inch of their life – client management has a lot of balls in the air at once.
  • Social media. Watching. Posting. Engaging. Lurking – You need to know this stuff to win at Klowt. 

What we look for. We live breathe and die by our values, so here are our non-negotiables. 

  • You care deeply but are able to challenge directly – feedback is so important at every level. 
  • You know that perfect doesn’t exist but you’re always looking for ways to level up.
  • You know sometimes sh*t happens – that is ok. Finding the lessons in those f*ck-ups is important. 
  • You’re a team player who will always put our Klowt mission over your own ego. 
  • You hate office politics and call out BS when you see it. 
  • You also live and breathe social and social media trends… we basically communicate in TikTok trends at Klowt. 
  • You love pop culture, are up on what’s happening in the world and love being the eyes and ears of the public. 
  • You take serious pride in your work and love being hyped up and hyping up your colleagues. 
  • Take your work seriously, but not yourself. 

Our offices are based in Covent Garden. We come into the office on Mondays and Thursdays – yeah, crazy. A company in 2022 that actually isn’t 100%, but face time is important to us, our culture and the company we’re trying to build. But let’s be real, we treat adults like adults – if you need to leave early to pick your kid up or go to the gym, that’s cool too ✌️

Our perks aren’t fancy, but they are useful. We have an unlimited learning policy (we’ll pay for any course you want to do via our training provider), 30 days of paid holiday (unlimited unpaid), flexible gym hours and monthly socials like Junk Yard Golf, Total Wipe Out and Puppy Yoga. 

Interview process-wise, we do things a little differently. 

After having a quick chat on the phone to give you the down low on what we’re about and see if you’re game our 1st stage interview is a structured conversation around what is important to us and what is important to you – we go through your ambitions, what you’re expecting from us and what you want in the short term of your career. We’ll also go through a short, fictitious task that we’ll set you to do with the job you’ll be doing. 

2nd stage is where it gets more interesting – 50% of the interview is us digging into the skill and value alignment specifically and the remaining 50% of the interview is you interviewing us as your next employer. We told you we were a bit differently… 

Then decisions are made – by you and us. We move fast, but so does the world. And if you do join us, we’ll take you out for a pre-1st day meal or drinks to meet the team, because why is your 1st day always awkward for no reason? 🤷