A bit about Klowt.

We’re a personal branding agency. What does that mean? Well, we basically brand people, not businesses (although they get branded and communities built as a result of the work we do!).

We work across all social channels, with a heavy focus on LinkedIn as most of our clients are B2B and their customers are on that channel.

We’re small but mighty.

The business was started in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 and since then we’ve grown to a team of 9 and 18 monthly clients (our first client just tipped £400k of inbound revenue directly from work we’ve done for him on LinkedIn!).

We’re in full startup mode, so it’s scrappy, it’s high-energy but it’s bloody good fun.

So what about the role?

If you can do this stuff, then we want to hear from you:

  • Manage a diverse portfolio of clients accounts and expectations.
  • Build and maintain relationships with clients often through regularcontact.
  • Arrange and spearhead monthly interviews with clients – you need to begreat at extracting information from busy people.
  • Project manage content delivery timelines both externally and internally.
  • Act as the first point of contact for client questions and requests.
  • Identify new client relationships and make pitches to potential new clients.
  • Upsell client packages and achieve KPI’s.
  • Day to day line management of your team, including a copywriter andcommunity growth executive.
  • Build your own personal brand.Skills wise, you’re going to need the below to smash this role: – Decisive.
  • Can act with pace.
  • Isn’t afraid to stand their ground and push back.
  • Loves giving and receiving feedback.
  • Awesome communicator and love building relationships.
  • Is organised to within an inch of their life – client management is having alot of balls in the air at once.
  • Strong understanding of social media, either through managing socialmedia accounts for other people – or yourself.

What we look for. We have a few non-negotiables…

  • People who want to get stuck in everywhere. We want people who areproactive, curious – question everything. There is no such thing as “it’s not my job” at Klowt. If you see something going wrong, or that could be done better, it’s your job as part of this team to fix it or flag it.
  • People who are solutions-focused. There will always be problems – so you always need to find solutions. Complaining has a 0% ROI, so find the problem and fix it. And if you need help, flag it. We’re always here to help.
  • The right attitude. We can train skills, we can help you learn, develop and grow professionally and personally – but we can’t train attitude. Treat your day working from home as if you’re working in the office. Your mindset is responsible for 80-90% of your output, so attitude is everything.

Our offices are based in Soho. We ask everyone to come in every Monday for some face time, but aside from that we work from home. We’re moving offices again this summer where we’ll be adding a 1 day minimum requirement on the office because what agency doesn’t love getting together…. especially in Soho ?Our perks aren’t fancy, but they are useful. We have an unlimited learning policy (we’ll pay for any course you want to do via our training partner), unlimited vacation policy – we pay for 30 days (including bank holidays), flexible gym hours and some fun monthly incentives like commission and half days off with fancy lunches in London for a job well done.Interview process-wise, we do things a little differently. After having a quick chat on the phone to give you the downlow on what we’re about, our 1st stage is a structured interview based around what is important to us and to you. We talk about values, motivations, ambitions – and ask you to prepare a short task which you take us through during the session. Don’t worry, it’s a made up task – we’d never ask you to work for free.Our 2nd stage interview is where we dig into job role specifics and what you want out of your next role; We want YOU to interview US as your next employer. We told you we were a bit different…Then decisions are made – by you and us. We move fast, but so does the world.