Dom Mernock & Alex Willcocks.

Engage Interactive

The Problem

We worked with both Alex, Dom and the entire engage team on growing their personal brands. Their problem was simple, they had grown crazy big in a short amount of time and had no online presence. They both had the same goal: to attract top talent, retain the incredible talent they already have, and attract new clients along the way. 

The Solution

To begin with, Klowt created a blend of content for Alex, Dom, and the Engage team. Alex’s content focused massively on the culture of the agency – he is the MD you either want to work for, or want to be. Dom’s content was slightly different, with a focus on “marketing lessons” that targeted the audience he wanted to speak to.

The cherry on the top of this iconic duo was their B Corp journey – the 1st B Corp agency in Leeds. This gave an overarching theme of positive impact content. Engage want to work with other brands and talent that share the same sense of purpose that they do. So that’s what we aimed to do. 

The results.


Content Views



Since May 2021, we have generated over 27 million views for for Alex and Dom.

Dom’s best performing post sits at 17 million and counting, and Alex’s at  over 2,.3 million(and yes, there was a competition…)

Since working with Klowt, Engage Interactive has grown to a new level. So much so, that the strategy recently changed to retention only. As for clients, Dom’s marketing lessons has got Engage Interactive in rooms with Alpkit, DAME, and many more.

Don’t know where to start on your personal brand?